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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Motives Cosmetics

Girls 14 and over can now start their entrepreneur journey a bit earlier than expected with the help of the “Motives and Me” program. Teenagers can begin their career with one of the hottest cosmetic lines in the country setting their own hours. No more flipping hamburgers at McDonalds. Now you have the opportunity to earn an income by sharing products with your friends, your Mom and even your Mom’s friends- and make money while you do. It’s as easy as throwing a “makeover” party, you earn everytime someone buys a product from you. The coolest part is your own personal website, it’s as easy as giving someone your web address, they can purchase right online, no need to stock any product in your home, everything is done online.

                                                                                                       Using your social media- like Facebook and Twitter make it easy to spread the word to all your friends online about the latest tips and trends in Motives Cosmetics. Provide makeup to your friends for all the social occasions at school such as dances and proms. Earn retail profit on every cosmetic product you sell. Learn effective ways to sell more products from your Motives Senior Consultant coach including having your own Motives

Motives Cosmetics is a Cosmetic line created by Lauren Ridinger, senior Vice President of Market America. Market America is a product brokerage company that specializes in one to one marketing. Motives Cosmetics offers a unique opportunity to create a lifestyle that YOU want and Earn the income YOU Desire! Motives is sold directly through salons and Motives Consultants. Salon’s in over five countries offer the upscale quality cosmetics  to their clients earning a retail profit of 40-50% and an ongoing residual income from purchases made through other salon owners or representatives you personally refer. This is a way to leverage your time and energy to build a very profitable business.

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