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Friday, April 16, 2010

Avon Sale Tips

Attached are links to documents and other websites which can help you grow your business.  Feel free to use these documents and to customize them as your own.  These are just ideas so make them fit YOUR business!

If you have any ideas, please let me know!

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Avon Featured Products

Check Back Often As I update this page. However, in the meantime, you can purchase or sign up to be your own boss on my page
Beauty Bucks - You can use this coupon to give your customers $5 off an order. Discount Card Punch - Give this card to your customers.  When they have placed 5 orders, they get 20% off their 6th order.
Avon Calling Letter - Distribute this letter to your neighbors and friends to let them know you are an Avon Representative. Tic-Tac-Toe - Give this to your customers as an incentive to refer customers to you.
Host-A-Party - Distribute these flyers to your customers so they can earn discounted Avon when you get new orders. Avon Party - This flyer is to invite customers to host an Avon Party in their home.
House Party Host Information - Give this party to your party host once she/he has booked a party. Don't throw away your old books.  Use these flyers to invite customers to order Avon from you.
Customer Coupons - Distribute these coupons to your customers to attract them back. Free Mascara Card - Give this card to your customers.  For every 6 mascaras they buy from you, you give them 1 free.
Frequent Buyer Card - Give this to your customers.  When they have purchased a total of $200 in Avon products from you, give them $10 off their next order. Unavailable backorder - this is an insert to your customers when a previously backordered item is no longer available.
After the Holidays recruiting flyer Recruiting flyer
Recruiting Flyer - this flyer provides information about becoming a representative, about book parties and about fundraising.  It also advertises your website.  If you want to grow your business, this is a great flyer to use. Host a Book Party -

Book Party Flyer
Book Party Customer Info
April 24 Customer Appreciation Day Customer coupon - Customize for your own Customer Appreciation Day SSS Oil - Many uses flyer
This is a link to a message board with lots of great ideas for growing your business. This is a link to an Avon site with marketing templates.
This is a link if you would like to get creative and create scratch-off stickers for your customers.  Fill your books with samples
 How to reach more customers  Reward your customers for referrals
 Beauty bucks for you to customize  Power of 3 document to customize for your self
New Customer labels for drawing Recruiting document to customize

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